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There are many IT providers when it comes to software. What separates us from the crowd is our attention to the main component of any successful software solution - the actual software user!

All our software is highly oriented to help the user to achieve maximum productivity, while doing so comfortably and logically. User-friendliness is one of our top concerns whenever we take on any software project. We make our clients' users happy by developing software that works for the people in the most natural way. Of course, sometimes the complexity of the problem requires an elevated complexity of the software solution. However, even in such cases, the main goal is to make the software serve the user, not the other way around, as it is so often the case with other software vendors on the market.

Whatever you situation is, we can provide a valuable advice on the possible solutions. We pride ourselves in the direct and honest approach we take in dealing with our clients. If we find that a custom software solution may not be appropriate, and an off-the-shelf product may serve the needs sufficiently, we will recommend such as product. However, in many cases a custom solution is the best way to solve a problem. In those cases, we will deliver the most optimal, economically efficient, technologically advanced, and very user-friendly solution to our clients. We stand behind every single solution we deliver! Your satisfaction is our primary goal!

IT Consulting

Whenever you need assistance with planning, system integration, data transformations and/or migration, server relocation, database administration, information security, domain administration, or any other IT task, we will provide you with the solution!

We are experts in many Information Technologies! And, we have great and proven partners in neighboring technologies, such as networking, IP telephony, and industrial automation. No matter how challenging your situation is, we will find a solution that meets your needs, your budget, and makes you happy with our work!

EUKODYNE - Our IT Business of the Future

In 2012, the partners of Otto Electronics have created a new company called Eukodyne, LLC and moved all software development activities into the new company.

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