Process Control Devices

Our company develops, produces and sells two types of process control devices separate from the EDM machine: EDM-3AM and FSC HP.


EDM-3AM is a device known to European and American manufacturers as "Anti-Arc Automatic". We have sold around 2,800 of these devices. This is a rather complex device that operates in a wide range of modes with regular electrode polarity when "plus" is connected to a tool electrode. Inside the device are the high sensitivity sensors of the process and unique algorithms of information processing. The device shuts off discharges that lead to formation of arcing thus absolutely eliminating arcing.

Fast Spark Control HP (FSC HP)

This device had been developed several years later after the introduction of EDM-3AM. It uses different sensors and simpler logic. The device can operate in both polarities of electrode connectivity. We have successfully sold over 300 of these devices. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly good. Recent modernization of the device has led to a drastic improvement of reliability of arc prevention when this device is used.

FSC HP Technical Specification

 1  Power  220V, 50Hz, 100W
 2  Range of Controlled Pulse Durations  3 - 1,000 microseconds
 3  Electrode Polarity  Any
 4  Power Generator Connections a. Internal clock output (Ton, Toff)
b. Pulse shutoff input (Toff)
c. Electrode connections with FSC HP (one connection for tool electrode and one for workpiece electrode)
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