Otto Pro machine offers highest performance per dollar spent. The customer will be able to realize automatic production of parts with one electrode and low electrode wear. The machine will enable the customer to perform rough and fine processing, allowing the customer to specify the desired undersize, and achieving the required final surface roughness.

The analysis of EDM machines currently present in the worldwide EDM market has shown the following:

  1. Highly efficient technologies of EDM sinking are attainable only with high-end machines over $200,000. Cheaper machines do not have such technologies.
  2. Only those machines that provide automatic processing with specified technological parameters (Undersize, Roughness, and Electrode Wear) and operate without any dependency on highly skilled operators can provide minimal Total Processing Time and compete with alternative technologies such as high speed milling machines.
  3. The price of the EDM machine must be affordable to a broad customer segment.

All these requirements were realized in the Otto Pro machine. The most advanced EDM technology, ease of operation, high efficiency, top performance, and low cost are all features built into the Otto Pro machine.


The mechanical part of the machine is currently produced by Max See Industry Co Ltd, one of the best Taiwanese manufacturers of EDM equipment. Nevertheless, alongside with Max See’s stable construction, high quality cast iron and convenience factors such as drop door of the work tank and large tank dimensions, Otto Pro incorporates motors and drives, glass measuring scales, couplings, ball-screws, axis guides and other important components that provide long-lasting rigidity, reliability and high precision of the machine that are made by the leading German and Japanese manufacturers. These components enable high speed movement of axes reaching over 6 meters per minute.

The development and integration of electrical components of the machine that contain a high power generator, adaptive process control system, CNC software, drives and machine control electronics are the result of many years of research and development by Dr. Sc. Mark Otto and his partners.

Distinctive characteristics of Otto Pro generator:

  • High reliability design that enables many years of operation
  • Drastically reduced pulse fall time
  • High quality surface finish is enabled by nanosecond pulse times
  • The power cables connecting the generator and the machine can be up to 4-5 meters long.
  • The generator is built specifically to enable full use of high-tech technology across a variety of applications
  • Ability to minimize thermally damaged layer of metal in the cavity to negligible levels with use of special technology

The unique adaptive control system can detect the beginning of the arc formation and cut the current off with the delay of 200-300 nanoseconds avoiding any damage to the electrode or the workpiece. However, besides reacting to bad conditions such as increased contamination of the electrode-workpiece gap, the system proactively reduces interference of bad conditions with the process by correcting pulse and pause durations as well as frequency and distance of high-speed jumps.

The CNC software contains automated high-tech technology, which is built upon fundamentals of the EDM process and 47 years of EDM research (20 years with European and US customers). This technology works without center or side flushing. In addition, the CNC software contains the Technology Selector module, which allows the user to choose the appropriate technology for their application quickly and easily. Once an application-specific technology is selected, the operator starts the fully-automated process with a click of button.

One Otto Pro CNC machine can replace 2 or more EDM machines of older models with regard to performance while taking up much less floor space.

The CNC Software Features:

  • Special measuring cycles ("Edge-Find") that enable precise control over electrode-workpiece positioning
  • Support for multi-cavity burns (multiple molds/dies in the same workpiece)
  • C-axis control for electrode positioning on an angle (C-axis is optional equipment)
  • Automatic Tool Changer control (ATC is optional equipment)

To obtain more information about Otto Pro OP4030, please click on a link below to download the Otto Pro booklet.

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