Xi'an 2014 EDM Symposium

We are excited to present the latest technological discoveries of Professor Dr. Sc. Mark Otto in the 2014 EDM Symposium in Xi'an, China. Professor Dr. Sc. Mark Otto is internationally known for his in-depth knowledge of the EDM process. He holds over 80 patents all over the world, most of them related to the EDM technologies and processes. His inventions in the area of EDM have become world-famous and highly successful.

We seek collaboration with EDM manufacturers in China to bring his latest research into life in the Chinese Sinker EDM market.

我们很高兴能够呈现钪博士教授的最新技术发现。马克·奥托 M研讨会在西安,中国。钪教授博士。马克·奥托是国际知名的为他的电火花加工过程的深入了解。他拥有超 项专利在世界各地,其中大部分涉及到电火花加工技术和工艺。他的发明已成为世界著名的和非常成功的。

我们寻求 M厂商在中国的合作,使我们可以把最新的研究成果进入中国坠 M市场。

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